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Ayahuasca Retreat Cusco

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Ayahuasca Retreat Cusco

Ayahuasca retreat Cusco is full-day Ayahuasca retreat that aims to review personal aspects of one’s life, Introspection, face spirituality, release negativity, and face past events. Ayahuasca Cusco 1 Day program comprises of 3 Andean healing treatments led by a highly experienced Q’ero Shaman. It starts with a ceremony for the unification of the Andean elements using Coca leaves. The retreat follows with a private coca leaf reading ceremony. It then ends with kuty ceremony (energetic alignment), and the Pachamama ceremony (offering to the mother earth).

Our one-day Ayahuasca retreat is led by a Shipibo-Konibo shaman from Pucallpa, and overseen by an English spaking facilitaror, Ayahuasca 1 Day reteat is performed in the Sacred Valley of Cusco. How Ayahuasca works. 30 to 40 minutes after drinking the Ayahuasca, the brew makes its way into the bloodstream through the stomach. Causes drunkenness that lets the participant perceive their emotions and environs differently, a state that may last for around 4 to 5 hours.

Ayahuasca effects. Mild to extreme feelings of euphoria, feeling of connectedness to the universe, feelings of love and empathy. Profound life-changing spiritual experiences/realizations/thoughts, a sense of inner peace, and acceptance of self, others, and the world. Feeling sleepy / yawning. Sedation. Strong visions sometimes include animals (pumas, condors, insectoid aliens, goddesses/gods) or auditory hallucinations / sound distortions; visual “noise”. Altered sense of space and time nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, body aches, sweats/chills (alternating), mild to severe dizziness. Spatial disorientation (mild to severe).

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Full-Day Ayahuasca Itinerary

  • 09:00 – Meet and greet with The Ayaterra staff and orientation of our facilities
  • 09:15 – Introduction meeting, meet the Andean shamans, conversation about the different ceremonies to perform
  • 10:00 – Ayahuasca Peru Retreat Ceremony for the unification of the Andean elements with Coca loaf
  • 10:30 – Private personal Coca leaf reading ceremony with an Andean shaman
  • 11:20 – Kuti ceremony – energetic alignment with Andean shaman
  • 12:30 – Reunion and preparation at the main ceremonial room(Maloka)
  • 13:00 – Ayahuasca Cusco 1 Day ceremony
  • 17:30 – Offering to the Mother earth – Pachamama ceremony
  • 18:30 – Group meeting to talk about the Ayahuasca ceremony and explanation of visions
  • 19:30 – Group photo with all the staff members and Shamans

Ayahuasca Retreat Includes

  • Detox ceremony with medicinal volcanic water
  • English / Spanish / Quechua speaking coordinator during the retreat
  • Local native Ayahuasca Shaman
  • Local Andean Shaman
  • Ayahuasca brew
  • Logistic for the Andean ceremonies, such as Kuti and the Pachamama offering
  • Private coca leaf reading
  • One Ayahuasca ceremony
  • Psychological support
  • Support and daily conversation about our ceremonies
  • Facilities of our center for your retreat

Ayahuasca Diet Restrictions

Do not consume pork or red meet, avoid any sort of cigarettes, chocolate or caffeine, chesses, spicy food, or food that is too colored artificially. Stay away of burgers, and greasy food, also stop the intake of soft drinks and please make sure you do not have any other recreational drugs before your retreat.

The dietary indication must be followed at least 7 Days prior to your retreat.

Recommended Food: Eat as organic as possible, white meet like chicken or fish would be a good way to start your diet with, although avoid excessive salt. You can carry on with this diet the first days, but as the week goes by, try to leave behind chicken, you can have eggs and get into a vegan diet at least the last 2 Days before your retreat, if possible that would be ideal.

Also do not take any medication, antibiotics, supplements during your retreat, if is there any medication that must be taken daily, please discuss with us, before your retreat.

Abstaining 3 Days from sexual activity or masturbation is also an important part of your preparedness.

Very Important. We have to ensure that you stop all medications far enough in advance so they have no interactions with the medicine Ayahuasca or San Pedro, anti-depressant medication contains all sort of chemicals that do not interact very well with the medicine Ayahuasca. Please contact the Ayaterra management if you are currently taking any antidepressant medication.

Dietary indications the night before and day of the ceremony

After the cleansing ceremony with the medicinal volcanic water, the night before your retreat starting date, we recommend to eat a generous dinner, that follows the indications of the diet.

During the day of your retreat, you won’t be able to eat anything, you will be fasting all day, so the meal that you had the previous night will be the only fuel in your digestive system for the day, of course you will be able to drink water, and herbal teas. The ceremony will start at around 7:00 pm.

Important materials to bring to your retreat:

  • 1 Bottle of wáter per ceremony
  • 1 Roll of toilet paper per ceremony
  • 1 Bottle of Frutiflex per day (electrolyte solution)
  • Comfortable clothes

Sacred Volcanic Medical water – Pre-ceremony Cleanse

This sacred medicinal water, is foremost the most effective tool to distress our digestive system, from toxins and food residues.

It has been used for millennials in the region of Cusco, local people will attend this place called San Pedro, and drink large quantities of this water, they will stay in this place until they have completed the cleansing process.
At Ayaterra we consider the volcanic water medicine, and its effectiveness for detox, allow us to complete the preparation for any type of retreat whether it’s for Ayahuaca or San Pedro.

The volcanic water cleanse will take around 2 hours and it will flash your digestive system and you will need to go very frequently to the toilet to evacuate. Normally after this cleanse people feels really good. A member of our staff will be there with you to assist you.

The medicinal volcano water taste like ocean water a bit salty, so it is not difficult to consume. An average people would require at least 5 glasses to complete the cleanse, but some people may need extra glasses of this water to finish the cleansing.

Another benefits that you can get from the volcanic water:

  • Helps with Gastritis and oral higiene
  • Eliminates Intestinal parasites
  • Helps to remove Kidney stones
  • Ulcers


With the aid of plants, it’s possible to awake a new sense that is closed in each of us, because not all cultures are likely to make use of plants in a traditional or medicinal way, it’s important to consider that there is a fundamental difference in our local ethnic groups, that is totally different to any other concepts.

All over the Amazon basin we find many languages and many communities most of them already in contact with the civilized world, but some of them remain uncontacted this groups are rarely seeming around, and we catch a glimpse of them from time to time around the river banks, they are still hunting, collecting and fighting, there is not religion to them and they have found a way to recover themselves whenever they fall sick. Just as they use the camouflage of the rainforest to remain uncontacted, they will also use the Mother rainforest to survive, there is a privilege if you grow here, the healing rainforest will convey a knowledge, so sacred that only the ethnic groups will be able to hear and comprehend.

Here is where the eldest individual of an ethnic group becomes a curandero or a shaman, not to mention that shamanism is the oldest healing tradition on our planet.

For generations to this day we have been in discreet contact with our local shamans, and in any circumstance this is as a first option or as last resort. A real shaman knows how to provide that essence of well-being.

They have remained in their regions for many generations, and their people have practiced consistent application of given plant species for different aliments over millennia, and transmitted the tradition and long-term experience from one generation to the next by means of curanderos and shamans. As a result of these practices, their medicinal flora consists of a wide variety of species which provides potential therapeutic agents to treat different diseases.

The medicine Ayahuasca is not exclusive to a determined community, this is widely used all over the Amazon basin. At Ayaterra, we work with different native Masters, such as Shipibo, Konibo from the Upper-Ucayali, Ashaninka from the southern part of Peru, and the ese’ja from the south-eastern part of Peru, all of them are authentic figures of respect and admiration in their communities.

For the ceremony with the medicine Ayahuasca, a shaman will create an energy field during the session, to enable you to have the most powerful experience possible, by eliminating first all the dark or negative elements that we collect during our everyday life.

It’s not only the substance but also the experience of a good shaman that helps to open your consciousness, soul or that universe that is in each of us, to cross that boundary, the shaman will sing a number of Icaros, each plant has a special Icaro and this melody will be entrusted to the shaman by the plant itself after a determined time of diet based on the plant.

To induce healing, the shaman sings the Icaro of the Ayahuasca and tabacco to call in the spirit, during this healing journey, the shaman is the most important element to align the physical, mental and spiritual state, the traditional indigenous Icaros reaches a peak experience, here is when the shaman announces se abrio, which means that he is able to work from inside by cleansing sorrow, grief, negativity, old traumas, and most importantly releasing you completely of that terrible grip that makes you feel fear or sick, people have no trouble accepting light, but they have a difficult time with darkness.

The energetic work is very hard for everyone during the ceremony. That is why the preparation of the participant is very important.

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